Sunday, May 20, 2018
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  • His Excellency Sayyid Muhammed Harub Al Said +

    I first met Karim Easterbrook when I was a mature student at St. Andrew’s Private Tutorial College in the 1980s where he was joint owner and Principal. At St. Andrew’s I met many students and who were eager to improve their grades to gain acceptance into good British universities. Under Karim’s guidance and direct involvement many UK and international students improved their results and received offers from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford and other highly reputable universities. Coming from a very chequered educational background I faced many challenges and Karim was instrumental in securing me a place at Exeter University.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Karim’s new ventures, St. Andrew’s Educational Guardianship and Easterbrook's Study Centre (ESC) will be able to provide a first-rate service for students, whether these students come from the U.K. or overseas. The wide range of services offered by St. Andrew’s Educational Guardianship and the ESC are of the highest quality and more importantly affordable. I am also sure that Karim’s former students, many of whom went on to occupy senior positions in their respective countries,l will encourage their own students to choose St. Andrew’s as their U.K. Guardians or to enrol at the ESC to improve their English Language skills or to study other academic subjects.  Karim has succeeded in bringing together a highly dedicated and exceptional team of educationalists.

    His Excellency Sayyid Muhammed Harub Al Said

    Sultanate of Oman's Ambassador to the Netherlands

  • Seyyida Reyye Jeiffar Seif Al-Said +

    Whilst studying at university in the United Kingdom Mr. Easterbrook looked after many matters which related not only to my accommodation and education but to other aspects of my life in England, including helping me with obtaining exemption from the payment of UK taxation.  He was always patient and considerate and spent whatever time needed to ensure that my stay in England was trouble free.  There are quite a few matters which need to be dealt with in the UK and which, if not dealt with correctly, can cause you considerable difficulties.  Without the assistance of Mr Easterbrook I would have found my stay in the UK far more difficult.  I am an Omani student and was unaware that in the UK you have to abide by far more regulations than in my own country.  I fully recommend Mr Easterbrook as someone who can be depended upon as an educational guardian to help you during the time you study in the UK.  
    Seyyida Reyye Jeiffar Seif Al-Said

  • William Duncombe, B.Sc. Hons. (Exon.) +

    I am the Founder-Governor of Bartholomew's Tutorial College Brighton and the co-founder with Karim Colin Easterbrook of St. Andrew's College Cambridge. I have known Karim since our school days at the Oxford Grammar School. We both graduated from the University of Exeter with Honours degrees and, following a period of our tutoring in Oxford, we moved together to Cambridge where we established St. Andrew's College as Joint Principals and also founded the University of Cambridge Local Examinations' Syndicate Open Examination Centre in co-operation with the University of Cambridge. St. Andrew's Cambridge eventually appeared in the London Times as the most improved A-level College in the United Kingdom. Since leaving St. Andrew's Cambridge in 1985 my own College, Bartholomews in Brighton, has achieved over the last six years an over all A-level pass rate of 99% and with a grade average of approximately 55% at grades A* to B.

    I am delighted to recommend Karim Easterbrook as a dedicated educationalist and someone who cares deeply about the welfare of students. I count him as a close friend as well as a professional colleague with whom I continue to converse with over educational matters to our mutual benefit. Karim Easterbrook is someone who may be relied upon to do his best to ensure that any students registered on the St. Andrew's Educational Guardianship scheme will receive his full support and commitment to ensure that their stay in the United Kingdom is both happy and successful.

    William Duncombe, B.Sc. Hons. (Exon.)
    Bartholomew's College, Brighton

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