Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Students in GuarianshipSt. Andrew’s appreciates what an important decision it is for parents when deciding upon which guardian organisation to choose for their children.  I am dedicated to ensuring that your son or daughter will be cared for and protected in every possible way.  I will ensure that they enjoy their time in the UK and do everything within my power to make sure that their stay is both a happy one and an academically successful one.  

St. Andrew’s differs from other guardianship organisations by only taking care of a maximum of 30 students.  This allows each student to receive a level of individual care and attention which supercedes that given by most other guardianship organisation.  No matter what your children need, parents can feel comforted by the fact that I, as Principal of St. Andrew’s, will be fully involved in every aspect of their life in the UK.

Whilst Principal of St Andrew’s Cambridge I built a good working relationship with most UK independent and public schools.  I, therefore, have a deep understanding and knowledge of how such schools operate and because of my good relationship with these establishments I am able to liaise and co-operate with them for the benefit of my guardianship students.

StudentsIt is essential that students are happy and well cared for in their accommodation.  In my experience even if the school or college attended is providing a high standard of education, if a student is not happy in his or her accommodation it is unlikely that they will benefit fully from their studies.  For this reason my staff and I take particular care when choosing host families.  It is also important, especially when host family accommodation is chosen, that all members of that family undergo a rigorous selection programme.  By matching the right student to the right family, this goes a long way towards making a student’s stay in the UK both happy and academically successful.