Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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St Andrew's Education

St Andrew's Educational Guardianship, in co-operation with Easterbrook's Study Centre, specialises in providing guidance and support to individuals and institutions who seek to access the best educational opportunities available in the United Kingdom. We also offer a wide range of other related services.

Her Royal Highness Sayyida Shuruq Seif Al-SaidPatroness of St. Andrew’s Educational Guardianship

Her Royal Highness Sayyida Shuruq Seif Al-Said

I was delighted to accept Karim and Zahra Easterbrook’s request to be Patroness of the St. Andrew’s Educational Guardianship. Two of my own children attended Karim’s former school, St. Andrew’s Cambridge. Whilst the Principal of his Cambridge school he always behaved in a dedicated and caring manner towards my own children. I know parents will never be disappointed if they choose Karim and his wife Zahra as their child’s guardians during their stay in the United Kingdom. They are both caring, kind and honest people.

In addition Karim has had 25 years’ experience helping students achieve academic success in the British system of education. His former school was registered with the British Council and recognised as efficient by the British Accreditation Council.

His Excellency Sayyid Muhammed Harub Al Said

His Excellency Sayyid Muhammed Harub Al Said

Sultanate of Oman's Ambassador to the Netherlands

I have absolutely no doubt that Karim’s new ventures, St. Andrew’s Educational Guardianship and Easterbrook's Study Centre (ESC) will be able to provide a first-rate service for students, whether these students come from the U.K. or overseas.

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